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About us

The innovative pioneering company was established in 2019, and it is a Saudi group of companies founded by a Saudi entrepreneur with the aim of contributing to the progress of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Inspired by Vision 2030, the group builds on innovation to introduce new concepts to the local retail sector, while creating valuable job opportunities to support local talent .

Hismile is one of the companies contracted exclusively in the Arab world by IPC.

HiSmile Inc., an Australian company founded in 2014 as a start-up e-commerce company focused on providing oral care and cosmetic products.

The flagship product in the Hismile range is one of the first peroxide-free teeth whitening kits on the market. Since then, the Hismile Teeth Whitening Kit now contains a scientifically proven peroxide-free whitening formula that can effectively whiten teeth without causing any pain or sensitivity, thanks to the company's extensive investment in research and development.

We are proud to inspire people to care as much about what they put on their teeth as they do what they put on their skin. Our society has a whiter and healthier smile with the use of the most advanced teeth whitening ingredients. We believe we have the products, ingredients and science needed to change the way people care for their teeth.