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Take a look behind the scenes of smile care

Welcome to HiSmile Research, the home of our product development, testing and trials.

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Introducing the HiSmile Research Center

All of our research, formulations and product testing is conducted in-house at our Australian headquarters, through our HiSmile Research Centre.

Meet our research team

Led by Dr. Mauro Pascolotti, the HiSmile research team works with leading dentists, industry experts and the HiSmile community to shape the future of smile care.

Dr. Mauro Pascolotti

Head of Research and Development Department
Dr. Mauro Pascolotti is responsible for the development of all new HiSmile formulas. Mauro holds a PhD and MSc in Drug Development and was previously President for scientists at the...

DeLiusa de Oliveira

Research and development specialist
He holds a Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and more than 15 years of experience in throughout Australia and Brazil, Deliosa is responsible for formulation development which comes through the...

Sarah Payne

Research and development specialist
She holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry and over a decade of industrial experience across Australia and the UK, Sarah is responsible for leading research and development of new products...

PAP+ clinical trial

The PAP+ clinical trial was a double-blind study, conducted by a third-party dentist. Each participant completed one ten-minute teeth whitening treatment.

100% achieve whiter teeth

61.9% achieved 3+ shades of whiteness

0% felt any sensitivity

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