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Detailed explanation of the whitening kit

A detailed explanation of our distinctive product, which exceeded all expectations, the teeth whitening kit

Our goal when developing our teeth whitening kit was simple. We wanted to create an at-home teeth whitening treatment that would be just as effective as peroxide, without the nasty side effects. In 2014, we launched our first teeth whitening kit.

The collection ticks all the boxes. It was safe, easy to use and completely peroxide-free.

With the help of our community and the HiSmile Research Centre, our teeth whitening range has evolved over the years. Now with PAP+, collection is faster and more effective than ever. We're proud to say it's our most advanced formula yet.

Are you interested in how teeth whitening works, or learning more about PAP formula

Selection of components

when Choosing which ingredients to include in PAP+, our priority was to ensure that... Installation is safe, effective and convenient. In addition to PAP, we chose hydroxy Synthetic apatite and...

Vessel design

The PAP+ formula is delivered in a single capsule that acts as a complete treatment, equal to 6 uses From previous gel injections. Each capsule is designed to be full,...

Formation process (manufacturing)

We have isolated the manufacturing process to maintain a high pH level for safe whitening And effective. The balance between our three active ingredients allows for maximum... Effectiveness during the...
We worked with Intertek to conduct an in vitro study on the effects of PAP and peroxide combinations on enamel.
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“Microhardness” is a term used to describe the strength of enamel. When microhardness is reduced, it means changes occur in the enamel, which can lead to further damage to the tooth structure. An in vitro Intertek study determined that HiSmile's PAP formulation increased microhardness (enamel strengthening), where other formulations decreased microhardness (Weakening the enamel).